Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Wiener Takes it All?

Europe has crowned its Eurovision winner and her name is Conchita Wurst, the bearded drag persona created by Austrian Thomas Neuwirth.  Austria's entry has been one of the most controversial in years, with certain countries (Russia, Belarus and Armenia) petitioning for Conchita's removal from the contest, because of "the children," or something.  [This was a British blogger's response with the caption "Russians watching Conchita's performance at Eurovision."  I giggle every time I see it.]

Though only five countries gave no point to Austria, most of Russia's neighbors (while following the snarky voting chart created by a Eurovision blogger) and other Eastern European countries surprised everyone (including me) by throwing points Austria's way.

Some have said this was Europe's big F U to Putin and his allies for his disparaging rhetoric and laws being passed taking away LGBT folks' basic rights away, along with the invasion and annexation of Crimea and eastern parts of the Ukraine (the latter holding independence votes the day after Eurovision, incidentally).  Here's the thing: Conchita's song has hit #1 on iTunes charts in all the countries that continue to bitch and moan about her winning the contest (yes, I'm looking at you Russia, Belarus and Poland).  Also Eurovision has not been the song (or to be super fancy, chanson) contest it once was, and the gimmicky schtuff that makes this show get a viewership of close to two hundred MILLION people were largely thanks to Eastern European countries.

I mean, this is what started this show this year (thank you Ukraine):

And here is a sampling of the beautiful and meaningful song lyrics from this year's Final (remember folks, these are the songs that made it through TWO preliminary rounds):

Here's Russell Brand (who earlier in the week sent out several tweets in support of Austria) after Conchita's win.  It's nice to see people have a sense of humor and be positive about Conchita.

And this gem is my favorite.  The winner in a sea of Frenchness.  The guys may have come in last with only 2 points, but they were definitely having fun (and being so nice to everyone who approached them, including Jonathan, at the Jury Final we attended).

Aaah, Eurovision, you make me so happy!  Congratulations again Conchita Wurst for bringing Austria its first win since 1966 (with Udo Jürgen's Merci Cheri).  Austria has already announced that the show will be held either in Vienna or in Salzburg next year.  Anyone wanna go?

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