Sunday, May 18, 2014

Notting Hill

This morning we are continuing the trend of really not doing a whole lot in London.  Having gone to school here I always try and meet up with some of my old flat mates if they are around.

So we headed off to Notting Hill for brunch.  We met up with Louise and found this place called Bumpkin…

Which was super cute but has a totally random name…

The boys got excited because they had a Bloody Mary menu.  They both got one with something called smoky water, whatever that is.  We asked the waiter and he had no clue either, so now we are picturing them in the back with like some sort of bong to make the “smoky water”

Louise and I went for something super butch and delicious.

Breakfast was amazing and the area we were in was so nice and quiet...

After brunch we decided to head over to Notting Hill Market, which is pretty much a free for all.  They have anything and everything you can think of, from food to antiques to all kinds of useless crap that tourists think they want. 

It does get a bit too crowded for my taste though.  Louise had to head home but we wandered around for a while.  West London is one of my favorite parts of the city, so we just had a nice stroll around Holland Park for a while.  It’s another gorgeous day

We are heading back in a bit to get ready for tonight.  We are heading over to the South Bank to go up in the London Eye, oh God!

I’m kinda sorta maybe afraid of heights and so is Jeff, sooo that should be interesting. 

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