Friday, May 2, 2014

Jonathan's Ode to Compression Bags

today is the day.
the day that i join the trip.
the trip of scandal
and navia.

but before i go,
i must pack.
pack a bag,
a bag of carry on.

the new bag
the bag of carry on
i ordered online.
it was a bag of blue.

the bag arrived.
it was not a bag of blue.
it was a bag of neon bright blue.

what to do?
do i take a bag of such blue?
might it be too much?
too much gay?

belton say it easy to spot.
she is so smart.
she is in school.
practically a doctor.

and so i decide,
decide to take the bag,
the bag of blue.
the bag of homoshame.

but i only want to take one bag.
a bag of carry on.

so much to squeeze.
so much to fit.
so much to do
in the bag.
the bag of blue.

and so i make a discovery.
the discovery of compression bags.
plastic bags of magic.
with ziplocks on top.
and vents on the bottom.

three bags of compression are packed.
compress so much.
compress happiness.

7 pairs of socks
7 pairs of underpants
7 shirts
4 undershirts
3 dress shirts
2 sweaters
1 pair of shorts
1 sweatshirt
1 thermal shirt
1 windbreaker

into the bag of blue they go.
so easy
so effortless
the compression bags of magic

time for airport
airport of LAX
airport full of TSA agents
agents of rules

the lady says
the lady of TSA.

"that bag must fit.
fit into the metal box.
the metal box of size."

"woman!" I say.
"i used compression bags.
compression bags of magic.
compression bags of happiness."


in goes the bag,
the bag of blue,
into the metal box.
the metal box of death.

and so now,
now i sit.
across from the bag,
the bag of blue.

waiting for my plane.
to take me and
my compression bags away.
away to the land.
the land of fin.


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  1. Your poem touched me...touched me on the inside...inside my body. I love you.