Sunday, May 4, 2014

HE-Double Hockey Sticks-INSKI

In the pre-planning phase of Scandalnavia, Keith was super-awesome booking us into rented apartments in all of our destinations.

Our place in Helsinki really IS super-awesome.

But here's the thing...

It's also super-terrifying.

It's like we're living in a bizarro Roman Polanski/David Lynch mash-up.  Complete with frosty blondes who walk by us in the foyer...refusing to acknowledge our presence.

There's also that elevator of death (that Keith previously mentioned):

The washing machine located in the shower... that when you are in the mood for getting's right there.

And there's a closet full of miscellaneous odds and ends from Ikea, along with a couple of hockey sticks:

You know, here in Finland...there's a saying:  "Where there's hockey sticks, there's a hockey mask.  And where there's a hockey mask, JASÖN VØRHEES is sure to pop out of the closet and kill yøü in your sleep!!!"

But let's get back to that elevator...

That thing tried to kill me.

Not when I rode in said elevator.

It happened when I tried to film/chase Jeff and Keith down four flights of they took the elevator.

I did not slip down those four flights on stairs.


Don't believe me?

Watch the video evidence below:

And now, I am writing this post from the beyond.

Only nøt.

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  1. I will CUT (the cords) on that elevator for trying to kill you! P.S. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and an apple pie crumble shake for dinner. P.P.S. I've learned that no one is ever completely happy at the end of a French movie.