Friday, May 9, 2014

Bergen SøleCycle...

As you saw in the last post, we survived the gondola ride up Mt. Ulriken and took many obligatory shots of us (individually and in various group formations) teetering off the edge of the world.  When a freaky mix of downpour and billowing win began, we moseyed our way over (read: RAN) to Sky: skraperen Restaurant for our Norwegian Food gorge...also, it was time for our reservation.

On our way in, we noticed a bunch of spin bikes on the terrace of the restaurant.  Curious, but also because subsisting on a diet heavy on meat, cream and bread this week, makes the Angeleno in me feel like a cow, Jon and I wandered over to get our pre-dinner work-out:

Nah, we're not that crazy...yet!  Walking around at least 10 miles [or hectares or something - ugh, that bit doesn't work with me, since I grew up metric] a day seems to be doing the trick.  We were greeted by the friendly staff at the restaurant  and were led to our table waiting with yummy prosecco.  Not having missed our bit, our server explained that the new owner of the place, in co-operation with a local news outlet, is doing a something called Laziest Person in Bergen, which explained this view:

Since we were doing the tasting menu (hi, we are süper fäncy), we were given these two wines as our accompaniments:  the Riesling for Starters #1 and #2 (both fish, and neither of them sole as the title might suggest), and the Italian Red for the Main course:

Starter #1:  The Grav"trout" with rye crisp bread, asparagus, egg yolk (the consistency neither flow-y or runny, and one I have vowed to master upon my return to LA) with an apple aioli heavenliness:

Starter #2:  Baked pollock on a bed of Pois au Beurre (that's French aka Fancy for Butter Peas) with fresh pesto sauce, topped with sautéed peas and crispy onion chips.

And because we are who we are, easily distracted, and the fancy peas realized we should not be taken fancy places in public, they attacked.  Yep, Jeff pea'd his pants:

A little dab with some melted snow (aka Norwegian tap water) and Jeff was recovered enough for us to proceed to our Main Course of:  Veal with potato tart in a bed of sweet parsnip puree with pan roasted carrot and onion with a brown butter sauce.

As if sensing it was time for us to eat dessert, our side order of guilt arrived.  UGH!

We told guilt to go F itself, and dove into this Panna Cotta with a white chocolate pistachio tart and fresh strawberry ice cream with edible, ahem,  pansies:

We then somehow managed to make our way back down he mountain (with the spin bikes piled up in the gondola alongside us), took a bus to central Bergen and went to find an appropriate venue to continue drinking...which may have then led to some indulgence at the Norwegian 7-11.  Bürp!

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