Sunday, May 18, 2014

London Eye Don't Think I Can Do This Guys!

The South Bank is a really cute area that runs along the Thames, near Parliament and Big Ben...

And since the weather has been so nice everyone is out and about.  We grabbed a quick bite and this noodle place I love called Wagamama, and now it’s time to go up in the Eye.

Its freaking high!

What if you get stuck?

What if it breaks?

What if you have to go to the bathroom?

All these thoughts were running through my head as we checked in.


Jeff and I had some liquid courage at dinner and then we took the long way around to either calm our nerves or just to prolong the inevitable. 

Jeff said he was feeling pretty good, so did I, but I sorta might have been lying a bit.  I was getting a little freaked out, I mean have you seen that thing…

Luckily I thought ahead and booked the champagne experience because let’s be honest the only way Jeff and I are getting on that thing is if we keep ourselves slightly buzzed, or thoroughly buzzed.

Asan was totally fine, not a care in the world…

Jeff was still hungry after dinner...

Just to be safe, I ordered us 2 glasses of champagne each to have on the ride...

We got into our pod or bubble or whatever and off we went…

It turns out that Jeff and I were just being giant babies because it was not scary at all.  Jeff did not even need to take a “happy pill”

Once we got close to the top the view was just amazing...I mean, its time for a photo essay!

We also found other sites to see, like the guy in the red pants, just saying...

And I booked the sunset ride because I thought it was a fitting way to end the trip. 

Asan and I are heading off to Istanbul tomorrow and Jeff is staying one more day in London before flying back to the States. 

Now we are heading off to meet up with Alex in Covent Garden for dinner.

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  1. Keith, I admire your planning. (Whisper: Drinks are the key to controlling Jeff.) Jeff, I admire your courage. (Whisper: I wouldn't have had the nerve to get on the Eye -- without a 100 drinks.)