Monday, May 12, 2014

That Time We Had FunFun with TwinTwin

Copenhagen is magic.


Yes, Stockholm was great.  Bergen was beautiful.  And Helsinki...was Helsinki.

But Copenhagen you guys...

Remember when Belinda Carlisle sang that song about how Heaven is a Place on Earth?

She clearly was singing about Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a busy, beautiful city with lots of people on bikes...tons of culture...castles...little mermaids...very very tall handsome men...and it happens to be the location of my favorite night on Scandalnavia.

* * *

After the most delicious dinner of my life at Amass, we walked right out of the restaurant and into the epic-ness that was the Eurovision jury finals on Friday (a.k.a.: the dress rehearsal for the Eurovision finals on Saturday).

There were tons of people dressed up to represent their country, but there weren't nearly enough people in MOUSTACHES.

These UK "children of the universe" should also be wearing moustaches.

In fact, we should have been wearing moustaches...because all I cared about that night was seeing my favorites, TwinTwin from France perform the hilariously insane French party anthem that is "Moustache."  

* * *

Yes, Austria's entry "Rise Like a Phoenix" by the bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst is like an awesomely epic gay James Bond theme song.

But sing-shouting "I Wanna Have a Moustache" is too much insane fun.

And insane fun is what Eurovision should be all about.

I mean just look at the epic video that TwinTwin put together for the song:

So many bright colors!  

So many moustaches!  

So much fun!

TwinTwin isn't just a's an obsession.  My obsession to be exact.  They are clearly the result of a weird Eurovision lab experiment:  (1 part Jedward + 1 part Pee Wee Herman x 1/4 part LMFAO) / the cast of that recurring French SNL Sketch = Twin Twin

* * *

Once we found our positions on the floor in front of the Eurovision Stage on Eurovision Island (yes, Copenhagen temporarily renamed an island after Eurovision), the Eurovision jury finals show soon began.  And we might have had verygood time.

OK, so this would be the section where I would talk about how fun all of the performances were...

How Conchita Wurst served SO MUCH FACE...


And how TwinTwin put on an energetic show that served SO MUCH MOUSTACHE...


But all that really matters is that midway through the show, Jeff and I noticed that all of the contestants starting showing up in the "green room" -- which was located RIGHT BEHIND WHERE WE WERE POSITIONED.

And we went over and stood outside of the green room section where TwinTwin was sitting.  We started taking photos...

Starting yelling MOUSTACHE at TwinTwin...

And didn't really concern ourself with anything else.

Eventually, Keith and Asan tracked us down and more fun was had.

And then, the performances wrapped up and it was time for all of the entries to make their way back onstage for a group thing.

Some of the performers walked by where we were standing INCLUDING TWINTWIN and the lead singer from TWINTWIN SLAPPED MY HAND!!!

Nothing else mattered in that moment.  It felt like the night had peaked.  I high-fived with TwinTwin!!!

BUT then, the performers walked by where we were standing again.







And Jeff was kind enough to document the interaction.


I have no idea what I said to brain essentially shut off from Eurovision-itement.  All I know is that they were quite lovely to some idiot American who just kept shouting "MOUSTACHE" at them.

You might even say that they seemed to like it so much that they invited me to their moustache after-party.

Except they didn't.

* * *

So as I mentioned above, HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH...and it's called Eurovision Island.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Keith, Jeff, and Asan for making all of my moustache dreams come true.

The only possible way I can think to thank them is giving them all the moustaches they so clearly deserve:

Because after all...we all WinWin with a MoustacheMoustache from TwinTwin.


  1. Thank you for the Moustache!

  2. Aww mustaches for everyone!

  3. We look really good with those m(o)ustaches.