Monday, May 5, 2014

A Mødern Häiku to the Star Alliance Løunge in the Helsinki Airpørt

got to the airport
with plenty of time to spare.
what should we do now?

asan has lounge pass.
pass with a plus one for fun,
but there are three dudes.

jonathan is lucky.
he gets picked to go in lounge.
jeff and keith stay out.

jonathan has never,
never been to such a lounge.
an airport palace.

oh! there are great treats!
food! coffee! cookies! wine! beer!
tomato juice! nice!

and free newspapers!
magazines! and so much more!
and wi-fi too! swear!

jonathan thanks god.
god's name is asan askin.
this place is heaven.

jeff and keith in hell.
hell is anywhere but here.
next time boys, next time.

1 comment:

  1. You are such a lucky man! P.S. Not to upset you, but our dog seems to be missing. P.P.S. I posted an alert about our missing dog on the Atwater Village community site. P.P.P.S. Problem solved. It turns out we don't and never have owned a dog.