Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Segwaying Øut of Cøpenhagen!

I can't believe it, but my time on Scandalnavia is over.

But before I leave, it's time for a Segway tour of the best city in the world (a.k.a.: Copenhagen) with Jeff, Keith, and Asan!!!

There are Segway helmets!

There are Segway mittens!

There are Segways!

And away we go!

Have I mentioned how beautiful Copenhagen is?


There are statues!

There are fountains!

There are palaces!


There are near death experiences as we almost segway into the sea!

It's no wonder everyone is happy here.

I mean even their walls are happy!

It kind of makes me want to dance!

And so I do...

And sadly...now I am catching a cab to fly back to Los Angeles...

Leaving Keith, Asan, and Jeff to go have adventures on a houseboat in Amsterdam.

I miss them already.

I also miss their moustaches.

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