Friday, May 2, 2014

It's freezing outside, but Scandinavians are sizzling hot...

...and that's just my observations from the airport in Stockholm.  I mean, maybe it's the jet lag (though the pills Sarah recommended seem to be working like a charm so far), or the almost freezing weather outside, but for realz.

[We haven't tried the Drink Ease yet...but I'm sure those will come in handy when the four of us are finally united in Helsinki tomorrow]

I finally made it to Scandinavia and am waiting for my connecting flight to Helsinki at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport, which the crew on my flight decided may be the "draggiest airport, ever."  I made friends with the flight attendants and got free drinks all the way here (they were a really cool bunch, unlike most of the crews I've encountered on United).  Though I was regretting overpacking after seeing Jonathan's Scandinavian weather report iMessage as I was hauling my carry-on through Newark, I am now so glad I brought some wool sweaters, etc.  It is literally almost freezing outside, which is quite a shock after leaving 90+ (F) degree weather in LA.  So, I've huddled myself in the SAS transfer lounge with coffee, hot chocolate and rasp- and lingonberry smoothies (it's a real thing AND it's delicious) and was catching up on the news.

And this happened:

Apparently Russia thought it's not bat-s**t crazy enough with Putin's invasions into parts of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine in the last eight years, and is now going after Eurovision.  Here's hoping Copenhagen doesn't get invaded while we're there for the show.  Because, drag performers are such a threat to Russia's internal political stability...or something.  OK, it's not too early for alcohol, if it's drinking time back in LA, right?

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  1. Take pictures of cute guys. You know -- for cultural anthropology purposes.