Friday, May 23, 2014

The House Made of Cute!

It’s the last morning in Istanbul so we checked out Topkapi Palace quickly before heading off to the airport.

We had a hilarious but craaazy taxi driver to take us around.  On the way to the airport there was an accident and he just drove on the shoulder to get around it.  I could never drive here, its all willy nilly, like there are just no driving rules, but we did make our flight on time so I’m not complaining. 

Asan’s stepdad Wolfgang picked us up at the airport, or as he will be known from now on Papa-santi.  

And we headed off the countryside.  It’s a nice change from Istanbul, it is so quiet and peaceful here.  We pulled up to the house and Original Mama-santi and Grandma-santi were waiting to greet us. 

Asan’s whole family is so welcoming and Original Mama-santi made a huge spread for dinner, so we sat and laughed and ate and drank our faces off, again.

These are like a Turkish egg roll filled with either spinach of cheese, soooo good!

You can't see them, but buried under here are huge artichoke hearts, thick ones like a steak, I also ate way too much of this...

Aww Asan and Original Mama-santi...

And Grandma-santi...

Me and Auntie-santi or as she likes to joke anti-santi!

 Off to bed now, and tomorrow is just a nice relaxing day at the house which is exactly what we need!

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