Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Pelikan Briëf

After a museum-packed morning going from Abba to Vasa...

What's for lunch?  Blåmmën Nøødles!

...Asan, Keith, Jon and I spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around Stockholm...

...enjoying the gorgeous spring day...

For once...I'm being serious.  It is really nice here.

...and taking in the beautiful sights.

...and now, back to stupidity.  

Stockholm is obviously a city that loves its art, and although we only had time to check out a couple of their museums, it is teeming with culture at every corner.  For example, here's one of Sweden's famous Monuments dedicated to Ketchup & Mustard:

Cøndïmentën Øbleskën, as it is known here!
I love modern art!

And just steps away from our flat is this lovely place...

...which, for some reason, the boys refused to go into.  Whatever.  We did, however, have time to do some shopping...

...and snacking...

...before heading up to our flat for a quick wardrobe change.


We met up with Eli and Emma West for dinner.  They are an amazing Swedish/American couple who currently live in Sweden, and they were kind enough to not only take us to one of their favorite local pubs, but they brought us to a ridiculously delicious restaurant...

...the Pelikan!  Eli is awesome and Emma is a doll--and the two could not have been kinder to a bunch of strangers--although this comes as no surprise.  Eli's parents (who have been friends with Jon's parents forever!) were especially nice to Jon and I during our first road trip ever, when they opened their doors and welcomed us to stay with them while in Seattle!  During that trip, we even went to Dim Sum with Eli...and while his memories of that day have perhaps faded, we made new memories at The Pelikan!

And then we drank them away when Emma introduced us to Aquavit....

...a very strong, very potent, and very delicious Scandinavian treat!  It's like vodka, but for tall people!  So for folks like üs, they put it into shot glasses for us to sip very slowly so that we do not perish.  

In addition to the booze, I scored some meatballs...

In the background, the hilarious server who referred to us as "The Types of Gentlemen Who Appreciate Clean Silverware."  
Foreground: Jeff's Meatballs.

...and everyone else had some other stuff. (I'm not a food blogger, so suck it up.).

After dinner, we tried to gather our Aquavit-soaked selves together for a photo. Just then, the gentleman who was dining alone next to us exited the restaurant. He had been reading the newspaper and sipping on cognac throughout the evening, and seemed like the classy sort of guy who was constantly represented on PBS throughout my childhood.  While he politely agreed to snap our photo, I was a little worried that he was going to holler at us for being ridiculous at dinner.

Instead, he sort of stumbled a bit, then began to loudly sing Beatles songs while aiming the camera at our shoes. He told us that he had been a journalist for over 40 years, and that was a trick he'd use to  get people to say things to him off the record while he was "setting up."

Finally, he aimed the camera right at us...

...and couldn't quite figure out how to snap it. 

Jon gave him instructions and then returned to the group for the shot:

Yes--that's his finger obstructing the lens. His other hand was busy covering the flash, bathing us in darkness. 

Jon gave him a refresher course and we tried again--this time to the tune of "Come Together."

This entertained the hell out of us, obviously, and so he joined us for one final photo:

After our serenade and photo session, the boys and I said goodbye to Eli and Emma, then popped into Torget for a quick drink and a Eurovision update. 

Here, we learned that my favorite song did not make it out of the semi finals. So now, as far as I'm concerned, it is officially Snøreovïsion. I mean, how could this lively anthem of achievement from Latvian possibly have been ignored:

It's a bunch of høœy if you ask me!  So, if you need me, I'll be over here...

...listening to my favorite new song...and yours!  

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