Thursday, May 15, 2014


After waking up bright and cheery on day 12 of our journey...

No.  I didn't hit the snooze button forty times...why do you ask?

...Asan, Keith and I left Copenhagen for Amsterdam.

Sure, it was tough to say bye to Jon...

Let BiJons be BiJons™
...but, the Scandals must go on.  And Amsterdam is definitely the Scandal capital of the world!

We will fit right in. 
But first...we needed to find the houseboat that Keith booked for us to stay in.  So, once we landed, we took a train or something to some place...

 Like you care... 
...and then got lost instantly. 

We wandered around for a while, looking for the boat while taking in the local scenery...

...soon it became clear that we were lost.  Like... really, really lost.


After wandering through the Red Light District...

Photos Not Available... pervert.

...Keith remembered that he had the address and directions in his phone!
Where was this man ten minutes ago?

Soon, we were headed in the right direction, thanks to the second best Burke!

The best Burke, obviously...

Maybe Keith should change his name again?

Before long, we found not only the house boat...

...but some new best friends!

Throughout this vacation, Keith has booked us into some pretty sweet places...

...but this one is pretty much the best so far.  I might even go so far as to say I love this boat.

Like, really, really love.

Exciting and New!

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