Tuesday, May 6, 2014


After Andreas got Keith, Jon, Asan and I properly soaked in booze, I took a trip downstairs...

...to utilize the restroom like a gentleman.  But when I got there, I was met with two doors:

Chøøse Ÿour øwn pötty ädventure!

Though I am aware one of these means "Men" and one means "Women,"  I honestly do not know which is which.  Mainly because these symbols are, to me, representative of 1970's board games, Dr. Ruth, and other Things That Do Not Matter Anymore.

Except they matter in Sweden.  And they mattered last night.

Full disclosure: I had actually been down to use the restroom once already.  But this time, Jon was right behind me.  And when he went into the door on the left, I said: "Aren't you going in the wrong one?"

He was, as it turns out, not going in the wrong one.  "How do you not know this??  That thing that sticks up out of the top is a penis," he shouted.  As I mention this to Keith and Asan right now, they talk about it as though it's common knowledge.  Keith: "Yes.  It's an erect penis.  And the thing that at the bottom on the other one is a girl-bit."  Asan agrees, "That's why it was done that way."

Despite these symbols being centuries old, my Catholic School education apparently skimmed over this important lesson, which probably explains several thousand of my issues.

Thanks a løt, Jesus!

After dinner, we took a stroll through our adorable neighborhood, taking in some of the local flavør...

...before ending up at a bar called  Trget.

Turns out...there isn't a whole lot of stuff going on in the Stockholm gay scene on a Monday evening.   So we made our own scene, as usual, while trying to take a phøtø:

...this is about as good as it got.

Tomorrow, we'll be more entertaining...

 Where are the BYS


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